Inspirational Women

Posted on: 11th July 2014

At Teen Spirit we’ve recently been thinking about Inspirational Women and during a workshop last week we listened to the amazing words of Maya Angelou and created some poems in response…

Love Equals

Hope equals to love
Body and Soul equals to confidence
Love equals to friendship
School equals to help

And finally my parents equal to inspiration


Say I am weak
Say No
Say I am a Sheep


Strong is what I am
I wish one day you see
I possess leadership

Do I lack in confidence?
Do I not have power?
Am I not an Independent Woman?

I ooze with bravery
I am the definition of beautiful
I am clever

Me, I am imaginative

Look at my assets.
Look at my feminine aura
Need a man? Dependent?

No. I am firm on my own.

I will believe.
I will just do it.
I will be a legacy



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