Overcoming stresses and challenges in our lives

Posted on: 22nd July 2014

In the BaSe we’re taking on a month-long photomontage project which aims to allow members to reflect on the daily challenges we face and the ways we work, or could work, to overcome these challenges.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be taking our own photos where we act out some of the stresses we feel in our daily lives and we’ll look through magazines and cut out images that highlight our own personal stresses and challenges. At the end of the project, we’ll produce a collage of images, words, and drawings.

This week we got together some of our initial ideas for the project - lots of great ideas came together right away!

Thinking about what makes us feel stressed and challenged:

-          People calling you names

-          Tests

-          Jobs that are hard

-          Dares

-          Family members

-          Sick relatives

-          Bullying

o   Cyber bullying

o   Physical bullying

-          Going to a new school

-          Relationships

o   Marriage

o   Brother and sister relationships

-          Teenage pregnancy

Ways to overcome stresses and challenges

-          Work out the problem and resolve it in your own way

-          Walk it over

-          Help someone else out, which might help you

-          Tell a teacher or adult

-          Talk about it

-          Tell the bully to stop

-          Calm your anger

Our next task this week was to look through a few magazines and pick an image that best represented us. This is what we came up with:

BaSe Photo montage ideas

Each member of the BaSe explained the image they had chosen. For example, the woman in the colourful outfit was chosen because one members described herself as a very colourful person. Jennifer Lopez was chosen by a member who loves singing and dancing. The woman in the skirt and heels was chosen due to a love for relaxation and the muscly man because that is what another member felt would be the kind of strength needed to overcome all your challenges. The last two pictures represent the desire for one member to take care of children as her job when she is older.

We look forward to the next few weeks of the project, and then seeing the final products, which we will of course be sharing on the blog!

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