Inspirational Women #2

Posted on: 1st August 2014

Over the past few weeks, some of the young women in Teen Spirit have been exploring the concept of ‘Inspirational Women’.

We have discussed who and what inspires us and the women we find inspirational. We took this concept further and looked at the positive and negative ways in which women are portrayed as well as the positive and negative ways in which we view ourselves and other women.

Our discussions led to some heated debate, but also some honest and touching insight into the various ways in which we see ourselves as women as well as how we think and feel about women in general. We then transferred our ideas into a visual piece; a life size woman who was half all the positive ways in which the group view themselves and women and half all the negative ways. The overall message that we created during the course of the workshops is that we are a mixture of all the positive and negative things in our lives and both can inspire us to move forward and be the women we want to be.


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