A game of HIV-Cranium with the BaSe

Posted on: 11th August 2014

Thanks to Sage for this weeks’ blog.

After a few weeks’ spent outdoors playing football, capture the flag, and other games, this week in the BaSe we spent our workshop time playing Cranium, with questions all relating to HIV. I don’t know if everyone is familiar with how Cranium works, but it’s a game that asks you to act out a word, sculpt different words, spell words backwards, and answer multiple choice questions. It requires you to use your brain in different ways, getting your team to guess clues through different mediums.

BaSe members were challenges to act out words like ‘hugging’ and ‘healthy eating,’ to sculpt ‘love’ and ‘lungs’. They were asked questions ranging from “Are HIV and AIDS the same thing?” to “True or False: You should feel embarrassed if someone you love has HIV?”. They were also asked to spell words like “stress” and “virus” backwards. Questions like these were helpful in getting rid of certain misconceptions around HIV, improving knowledge about what HIV is and how HIV is transmitted. It was also a great opportunity for members to showcase their knowledge and ask questions if they didn’t understand a word or question they were given.

This game was a fun learning experience for all the BaSe members, a chance to ask questions in a safe place, and have some worries and concerns cleared up in an active manner. We look forward to more helpful, creative and fun HIV-related activities in the BaSe in the coming weeks!

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