SHM Foundation’s Project Khulúma visits Body & Soul

Posted on: 26th September 2014

A New Word in the Body & Soul Dictionary

A visit from our friends in South Africa this week helped us broaden our Zulu vocabulary:

khulúma (verb) – to speak, talk.

Khuluma also happens to be the name of a revolutionary project in South Africa that uses mobile phone technology to support groups of young people who are living with HIV. Set up by the SHM Foundation, the Khuluma project is thriving and proving that with innovation, even the most isolated communities can be inspired and empowered to overcome the challenges of HIV.

6 months ago we had the excitement of linking up with a group of young mentors from the project who were pioneering a new form of support for young people living with HIV in South Africa. The group had gathered in a Wimpy Diner in town, gathered around a laptop and were speaking directly to their UK counterparts at Body & Soul. This week we finally met the project workers face to face.

The 4 hours spent together might have confirmed the very different circumstances that we were working in, but also clearly underlined the shared human experience of young people living with HIV.  At Body & Soul, we also understand the value and power of talk. We talked a lot in 4 hours, exchanging ideas, approaches, experience and ideas but we also realised that creating the environments where young people can talk safely about the hardest things is where change, and long lasting friendships, begin.

Thank you Khuluma, let’s talk again soon!

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