There is one thing wrong with this picture, but it’s probably not what you think. Because of the intense stigma and discrimination that many of our members still experience, we can’t use an actual image of a child who is affected by HIV, so this child is a model.

We don’t! We see a beautiful little child with a successful, happy and healthy future in front of her. The children who come to Body & Soul every week might be affected by HIV, but they have hopes and dreams, just like any child. We think that they deserve exactly the same chances, so that’s what we work hard to provide them with.

We need your help. People often think that HIV isn’t an issue in the UK but that’s simply not the case. Body & Soul is working hard, right here in the UK to support thousands of children and families to overcome the challenges that HIV, and the wider world, sets before them and the people they love.

We may have reached 18, but we need your help to make sure we’re here for all the children and young people as they reach 18. Body & Soul: here for as long as we’re needed.