Read Our Lips on World AIDS Day

Posted on: 1st December 2014

A few weeks ago, many of the women attending our Tuesday adult group had the opportunity to come along to a session run by volunteers from Body & Soul and MAC Cosmetics. The members were able to have a “MAC makeover” which led into a discussion around identity and how we perceive ourselves and our achievements in the context of HIV.

All the members who attended posed for a “Read my Lips” picture and we asked to complete the sentences below.

Why not finish one of these sentences yourself and comment in the box below?

“I am most proud of… the fact that I am still here”

“I feel strong when… I remember I can’t lose hope”

“I feel beautiful when… I wake up”

“It makes me laugh when… I play with my kids

“I love being a woman because… of my strength. I get to make my own decisions”

“My best quality is my… hard work”

On World AIDS Day, we want to celebrate the strength, courage and resilience of all of the wonderful members at Body & Soul.


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