Thinking about Inequality

Posted on: 6th February 2015

Inequality, universal access to healthcare, quality education and reducing unemployment have been fundamental issues debated by citizens and politicians in the UK.

This week in Teen Spirit we introduced these themes of social justice to stimulate some lively debate. The aim of the session was to encourage members to respond to data from the UK and abroad.

Teen Spirit did you know?

Members divided themselves into three groups and each spent half an hour in a workshop focusing on education, health and employment.

Each group had a special task: they were handed £100 (in fake money!) they then had to decide what percentage of their budget they would spend in each institution. Education proved by far the most popular institution that members decided to spend money on.

One member walked away saying “I had no idea Britain was such an unequal society. I thought we were much fairer than that. I’m going to go home and do more research and write some articles about it for my blog”.

Clearly this session motivated everyone to think a bit more critically about the share of wealth across this country!

How would  you have divided your £100 across education, health and employment?

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