5 Easy Ways to Fundraise for Body & Soul

Posted on: 23rd February 2015

Ever wanted to make a difference but felt you were too small to be effective?

Ever wanted to raise some funds for your favourite cause but didn’t know where to begin?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Genuine desire to bring about meaningful change can rapidly transform into fear and exasperation if we think too much about the big picture.

This blog will show you that you can make a start – with five small, easy and effective steps that will get you on your way to raising that all important cash for Body & Soul. Don’t forget to check out our current opportunities to get involved and our community fundraising pages too.

1) Host a Party:
- throw a dinner, BBQ or cocktail party for your friends and family and ask them to donate in return (it’s practically like going to a restaurant after all…)
- this is a fun and easy way to raise money whilst spending time with the people you love most

2) Get Face Painting:
- volunteer your time at a friend or family members’ school fair, at a festival or event
- never underestimate the desire of children to look like their favourite superhero or of grown-ups yearning to relive their youth
- charge up to £5 a face depending on your artistic skills and the range of designs you offer

3) Hold a Raffle:
- utilise your networks, you know more people working in interesting professions than you think!
- ask your mates, mum, boyfriend, godfather, second cousins once removed, dog walker – anyone really – to get items donated as prizes
- use these same networks to sell your raffle tickets as well
- why not organise an event for the raffle draw itself; it might be a way to raise more money

4) Take Part in a Challenge Event:

- whether you’re a walker, runner, cyclist or moonwalker there’s an event out there for you – play to your strengths (or your weaknesses, people might be more inclined to support something that they know will be very hard for you)
- maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but never got round to – The London Marathon, climbing Kilimanjaro or even Everest. Whatever it is don’t wait, Carpe Diem!
- sign up to the event, get training, set up an online donations page and get your nearest and dearest to sponsor you. Make sure you get in touch tell us too! You’d be surprised at how much we can help.

5) Host a Bake Sale:

- whether you’re Mary Berry or the closest you’ve ever got to a cake-mould is watching her from the comfort of your sofa, hosting a bake sale isn’t hard, even a novice can make a Rice Crispy cake
- get a bunch of your mates round, test out some new recipes and be sure to bake some old faithfuls that are sure to sell like hot cakes…
- host a sale at work, at your place of worship or sports club, in your University Union and anywhere that hungry people are likely to be
- this is also a great opportunity to raise awareness of Body & Soul by talking to your customers and a scrumptious and engaging way to raise the dough

So there you have our five ways to kick start your fundraising for Body & Soul. If you’re thinking about fundraising for us, we would love to hear from you, we can send you through a fundraising pack with more ideas, advise on fundraising websites to use, publicise your events online and direct you to online giving options.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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