How do we want the media to report HIV?

Posted on: 26th February 2015

On Tuesday this week, a small group of members of the adult programme took part in a discussion about the representation of HIV in the media in recent years.

The group looked at a number of cuttings from different magazines and newspapers, all of which portrayed HIV or people living with HIV in different lights. A discussion about stigma, sensationalism and responsibility in the media ensued – which provoked some passionate responses, including criticism of “pseudo-science” and unbalanced reporting and differing opinions on whether anonymising interviewees is damaging and encourages fear and stigma.

During this discussion, members in the group decided that it would be helpful to post on the blog about this discussion and try to get some further input from interested parties – members, volunteers, staff, fellow activists.

So what do we want to know? Take a moment to think about how you would finish these sentences…

“If I could only change one thing about the way that the media reports HIV, it would be…”

“The next time I read an article in the media about HIV, I would love it to…”

We want to know your thoughts, let us know in the box below!

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  • Anneke at 11:56 on 27th February 2015

    I would like to know what other charities are out there that are supporting HIV positive and affected people within London. To see more advertisements for people to register for support but also for people to be aware that they can volunteer or donate to these charities to keep them running!