The BaSe: Thinking about Social Justice

Posted on: 26th February 2015

With February coming to an end and spring approaching, the BaSe group has started thinking about their new theme for the next month: Empathy and Social Justice. A nice, big topic to get on with so we’re certainly going to be busy in the coming weeks!

When discussing this new theme with this age group, we’ll be thinking about what these two words mean on personal and social levels.

What does empathy look like in our everyday lives?

How is social justice relevant to us and the society we live in?

Are they connected in any way, and how?

The BaSe group will be putting on their thinking caps in March to discuss their own rights, express their views and take a closer look at our Life in My Shoes campaign.

In order to introduce this new topic, the group will start next week by taking a look at how Empathy and Social Justice affect us here at Body & Soul and how these relate to our weekly sessions and to Body & Soul as an organisation.

We will of course be referring back to our key values and ground rules for a bit of inspiration!

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