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Posted on: 6th February 2017

As part of the current series of posts giving voice to different members of the Body & Soul community, we turn to a poetic intern: Hiba has been one of the casework and advocacy interns at Body & Soul since October, helping members with a range of practical difficulties and liaising with professionals such as social workers and lawyers. To mark her final day at Body & Soul, she wrote a poem summing up her experience.



Body & Soul and my journey here

began as an addition to my career –

yes, my interest to help humans was strong,

but selfishness is inevitable

when it’s no longer deemed wrong.

I came in with a toolkit, that was quiet empty

ready to solve problems and ensure that there’s equity

with little knowledge of the system’s negative perpetuity.

So one thing you can say that I’ve learnt

is that when you don’t know how to work things

you become frustrated and hurt at your failure to exert

your potential and your intelligence that is stuck within.

Multilingual members, dismissed and hidden

intelligent conversationalists


hard workers with the capability to match any CEO

oppressed by poverty and their money hungry foe,

castrated by a system

that discourages social mobility

implementing a regime that prizes financial stability.

Health, love, friendships and community,

that doesn’t matter because you don’t have financial immunity.

Your heart, mind and body feel stalked

by the Home Office, debt collectors and those f—– landlords that resort

to threats that leave a person scared and without a place to call home,

a dome where they can find comfort without fear of answering the phone.

But being here together as a community

helping those with our affluent buoyancy

brings hope and fight to one’s life –

just telling them ‘they don’t have that right’

will bring light into their dark night.

Body & Soul has only pushed me further into what I want to do,

to learn more and pursue the degree that I’ve recently been reluctant to commit to.

But now with a practical understanding of the law

it has shown me the power to go on.

It has also motivated me to continue on

to help the vulnerable and those who have been wronged

so my next stop will be CAB and NCDV

to brush up on my legal skills and help those practically.

Although I will not save humanity alone

I would like help fix and condone the broken road

so thank you, Body & Soul, for motivating me to pursue

something that was out of my comfort zone.

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