An Evening with ‘Motivational Moe’

Posted on: 26th July 2017

The Young Adult members at Body & Soul are usually keen to find out how they can maximise their chances of achieving the life goals they set themselves. This is reflected in the fact that one of the most popular workshop facilitators among this age group is Moe Hashimi, a motivational speaker from Dear Dialogue. His most recent session was called Breaking Bad Habits, and set out a path for our members to replace bad habits with more positive choices.

Our communications intern Chetasi went along to see what the fuss was all about…


I had heard a lot about how much our Young Adult members loved attending workshops facilitated by Moe, so it was no surprise that last Thursday evening the members turned up excited and charged to attend the Breaking Bad Habits workshop. This was my chance to attend the workshop too, and I was definitely curious to find out what Moe’s sessions were like.

I spoke to Moe before the workshop began. His approach, he told me, was to keep the workshop engaging and to encourage the members to speak up and articulate their thoughts. Breaking Bad Habits would concentrate on three main areas:

-          what are habits?

-          what needs do our habits fulfil?

-          what good habit can replace the bad habit?

I could see that members had an instant connection with Moe and his style of delivery. The members had an opportunity to talk openly about their problems and understand ways in which these can be dealt with. Moe’s encouragement motivated the members to critically analyse their actions and assess the changes needed to break their bad habits.

The workshop was scheduled for 90 minutes, but it’s a sign of how engaged and enthusiastic the members were that it ended up lasting double that – and even then they wanted to hear more! They continued to discuss concepts related to bad habits well after the workshop had ended.


Speaking to some of the members afterwards, I was struck by the energy and fresh ideas they seemed to pick up from Moe. Here are a few of the comments they made to me:

‘I thought the session was really powerful and it challenged us. We all have habits but we do not realise how destructive they are because they are hidden by emotions and I learnt how we can break them.’

‘I got a lot out of this, especially about my habit of not taking medications. I now have a new perspective on how I can address this in the future.’

‘This session was really, really knowledgeable. I got a lot of information which I now need to practise and put in my life. It made me look at things in another way.’

‘Towards the end I got some of my answers questioned. I have taken some notes so that I can go home and think about it.’

Seeing and hearing the young adult members feel inspired made me realise how important it is that they have opportunities like these to think about how they can achieve their ambitions in life. I believe that motivational talks like Moe’s can trigger a change for a better life.

And this goes to the heart of what Body & Soul is all about – it’s not just what happens when members come together in the building, but also about how the experiences they have here stay with them and help them to transform past and present adversity into hope and future success.

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