Volunteer profile: Camilla

Posted on: 26th July 2017

Camilla has been volunteering with Body & Soul for over two years now and has gone above and beyond in dedicating her skills, experience and time to our community. From leading drama workshops in our Teen Spirit programmes to facilitating advocacy discussion groups with our Adults, Camilla is a vital and committed part of the team.


Here Camilla describes how she came to Body & Soul in the first place, and what volunteering here is like.


Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life. From the age of 16 I was part of a voluntary fire service, supporting the local community. Since this experience, I have prioritised volunteering as an important part of my life.

I moved to London three years ago, after being part of and leading a 4,000-strong volunteer team. I was nervous about how I might be able to find a community that I felt so at home with. It took a while and a few attempts before I found Body & Soul, but since my first induction meeting two and a half years ago, I have felt a part of the B&S family. I have been lucky to work across a range of services, with my current focus on the Base and Teen Spirit groups.


I know that every session has an impact on the young people we work with; whether that’s big or small, it’s always a step. For me personally my time at Body & Soul is an escape from the constant emails and phone calls that come from a full-time day job. Even if I arrive tired on a Saturday morning, I always leave energised from a day with a group of truly remarkable young people.

Every session at Body & Soul I learn more – not only practical skills for working with young people who have experienced trauma, but also about myself and the wonderful team of volunteers and staff at Body & Soul; I have made lifelong friends. I know that the work being done is having an impact far beyond that which we can see from session to session – it is life changing.


We’re always looking for volunteers at Body & Soul, so if you’re interested in joining our community, check out the opportunities we have available here.

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