Everything we do at Body and Soul is evidence driven. If it can be made better it’s improved, If it doesn’t work it goes. With 18 years experience we’ve developed the most comprehensive trauma program of it’s kind, and it works!

For beneficiaries to get the most out of their participation in Body & Soul, we believe there must be different ways for them to engage. In other words, we believe that each individual involved in the organisation has (or will at some point have) the capacity to contribute meaningfully to its overall objective. This may take the form of informal peer support, facilitated peer support, peer mentorship or some other productive activity. The fundamental principle is that everyone involved in Body & Soul has a unique contribution to make to their community – a contribution that may change over time as members grow and develop. This emphasis on individuals’ intrinsic value is a core element of good mental health practice.

These are some of the key benefits of Body & Soul’s peer membership model over traditional model >

of people asked had their lives improved since joining Body & Soul said, “Yes, absolutely”.

The real impact is the people we help each day, ople should be able to live their lives free from shame, and no one should have their life chances reduced because of traumatic experiences in their past. We also believe that transformational change does not have an age limit. Our specially designed centre in Clerkenwell, London comprises five floors of state of the

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