Our Approach

Body and Soul is built on love, kindness and a desire to understand one another. From the beginning, we created a ‘healing community’, inviting our members into an environment where everyone is keen to find out what happened to you before you met us, and what is going on in your life right now. This tenacious attention to the nuance of individual circumstances is the foundation of a genuinely systemic, whole-person approach to health and wellbeing. In dynamic dialogue with our members, we identify the most difficult aspects of their lives right now and take any immediate steps we can to resolve them, while also nurturing the practical, social and psychological factors that will protect them in the future.


Members have access to a wide range of resources, including one-to-one activities like psychotherapy or legal advice, but also a rich and diverse programme of lectures, workshops and discussion groups, each planned thoughtfully based on latest research, member feedback and advice from a range of clinical experts.

The rigorous scientific basis for our work means we now have a 21-year track record of making a demonstrable positive difference in many thousands of lives, lending remarkable empirical support for our founding philosophy: no matter when you come to us or how trauma and adversity have affected your life, you can change, heal and grow.

Our Impact Areas

Adverse Childhood Experiences disrupts normal physical, neurodevelopmental, cognitive, behavioural and social processes, and can lead to poor long-term outcomes.  Body & Soul directly addresses these areas in order to improve the long-term wellbeing, connectivity, and productivity of people of all ages who have by disproportionately impacted by adverse childhood trauma.

In order to achieve wellness and resilience, we address 6 primary impact areas shown here:


Our Environment

Understanding how people respond to trauma is the basis for creating a place of sanctuary. Creating a sense of safety and security is only possible when we all understand the nature of both individual and organisational trauma. Everyone at Body & Soul works together to build and nurture a community and environment where healing and learning can thrive hand in hand.

Body & Soul recognises the resilience of members in stepping through the door for the first time, but we also know how much we can positively affect what follows. A therapeutic journey begins before a workshop or a therapy session and involves all our senses, consciously and subconsciously. From the first day services opened 21 years ago, Body & Soul has focused on the physical and human environment and approached design through the perspective of its members, always asking the question, “How would that feel?”.

We understand the journey to Body & Soul commonly passes through traditionally institutionalised, sterile environments that can feel oppressive or unwelcoming. Body & Soul is designed to every level of detail, to be the antithesis of this, to create a sense of safety and welcome. Through our partnerships with architects DMFK and a range of interior design specialists, our building not only communicates visually, but emits warmth, acceptance and value where often these can feel in deficit.

We have strived to source materials that invite exploration and connection. Curious alcoves in the reception tempt passers-by to look further, the marble-chipped floor urge you to remove your shoes, and the felt wall-art requires to be stroked. Space is understood by how it connects to all our members, and cared for so that it can provide order amidst lives characterised by disorder.