Finding the root cause

Posted on: 12th September 2017

One of the things that makes the Body & Soul approach distinctive is the fact that it looks beyond the symptoms for the root causes of the problems faced by…

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Body & Soul at LEGO

Posted on: 6th September 2017

Body & Soul’s assistant director, Jed Marsh, explains what Development Week is all about – and how LEGO fits in… _______________ For many of us, the last week of August…

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Interning at Body & Soul

Posted on: 22nd August 2017

Kristen Hagemeister has been interning in Body & Soul’s HIV programme for the past three months. Working in the Children’s Centre, she has interacted closely with children and their parents….

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Quarterly Report – Q1 2017: Focus on childhood

Posted on: 28th June 2017

We know that our childhood stays with us throughout our lives, so at Body & Soul we are committed to ensuring our youngest members receive the best possible start in…

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Transforming the impact of childhood adversity

Posted on: 4th May 2017

Body & Soul has been working for over 20 years with families affected by HIV, but it has always been about more than a virus – our members are some…

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Building friendships out of cardboard

Posted on: 1st February 2017

At the end of last year, we did a post about Body & Soul’s adoption programme, which provides tailored support to children and teenagers who have been adopted and who…

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The whole-person model: working with individuals and families

Posted on: 19th January 2017

We often talk about our whole-person approach to care – our belief that the difficulties faced by a person cannot be separated out from each other, as they often are…

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Body & Soul’s adoption programme

Posted on: 15th December 2016

For over a year now, we have been running a programme for children who have been adopted alongside our more established services. Jed Marsh, assistant director at Body & Soul,…

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The importance of social support – it’s not just psychological

Posted on: 25th October 2016

Bianca Karpf is Partnerships and Programmes Manager at Body & Soul. Here she looks back at the three months from July to September and talks about some of the themes…

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Why should we talk to children about what scares us?

Posted on: 9th March 2015

Last week’s theme in the Children’s Centre was What Scares Us. Below, Rose explains why we should have these conversations with children and how we went about it in last week’s…

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