An Evening with ‘Motivational Moe’

Posted on: 26th July 2017

The Young Adult members at Body & Soul are usually keen to find out how they can maximise their chances of achieving the life goals they set themselves. This is…

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Spreading empathy one rap battle at a time

Posted on: 24th July 2017

Body & Soul’s Life in My Shoes programme has been reaching out to school children and youth groups in and around London for five years now. In the last year,…

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Focus on finance

Posted on: 2nd May 2017

At Body & Soul, we base all our programmes around our members’ needs and priorities. In a recent survey, we asked our members how Body & Soul can support them…

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What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy?

Posted on: 12th April 2017

The Body & Soul model of care uses Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to help members regulate their emotions and focus on goal-orientated behaviours. Here Ida, who is responsible for the…

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Coaching for the Future

Posted on: 8th March 2017

Maximising productivity is one of the key impact areas we focus on in our work with members. In other words, we use a solutions-focused approach to support our members to…

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Sierra’s story

Posted on: 12th January 2017

At Body & Soul we deliver a proven transformational programme for people of all ages who have had adverse childhood experiences. One of the groups we work with is families…

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Why there’s more to HIV than just a virus

Posted on: 28th November 2016

Life in my Shoes, Body & Soul’s campaign to combat stigma and build empathy, has been working to challenge misperceptions around HIV since it was established in 2011. As we…

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Fulfilling potential – how welfare fits in

Posted on: 16th November 2016

One of the key strands of Body & Soul’s mission to transform the impact of childhood adversity is to maximise the productivity of our members. We believe that everyone has…

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HIV and mental health

Posted on: 10th October 2016

Today is World Mental Health Day. Here Adrian, our head of adult services, talks about the relationship between HIV and mental health. _____________ Some people think HIV is now just…

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SRE It’s My Right: Join Us.

Posted on: 23rd July 2014

Do you believe that every child and young person is entitled to good quality sex and relationships education (SRE)? Did you know that SRE is not compulsory in all schools? …

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