Challenging a brutal immigration system

Posted on: 24th August 2017

Next Monday marks two months since one of our particularly vulnerable members was deported to her native Nigeria while awaiting a decision on her application to remain in the UK…

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Discovering the voice I never had

Posted on: 14th June 2017

Our members are at the heart of everything we do at Body & Soul, and we always encourage them to find their own voices so they can tell their own…

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It’s a marathon, not a sprint – the importance of perseverance

Posted on: 21st February 2017

For many of our members, life can seem like a series of challenges: no sooner have they overcome one obstacle than another one appears in their path. We work to…

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The grim reality of sofa-surfing

Posted on: 9th February 2017

Katherine is head of therapy at Body & Soul, providing members with one-to-one counselling as well as supervising the play therapist, body psychotherapist and family therapist.   Body & Soul’s…

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Members of the Body & Soul community: interns

Posted on: 6th February 2017

As part of the current series of posts giving voice to different members of the Body & Soul community, we turn to a poetic intern: Hiba has been one of…

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Members of the Body & Soul community: staff

Posted on: 2nd February 2017

Ida is a staff member at Body & Soul. As part of our weekly series of posts looking at the different members of the Body & Soul community, she answers some…

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Growing older with HIV

Posted on: 26th January 2017

On Monday night, Terrence Higgins Trust launched their report into the first generation growing older with HIV. The report, entitled Uncharted Territory, explores some of the complex issues that are…

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First things first – casework at Body & Soul

Posted on: 9th January 2017

Body & Soul’s whole-person approach to care means that we are concerned with the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of our members. However some of our members have fundamental needs…

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Fulfilling potential – how welfare fits in

Posted on: 16th November 2016

One of the key strands of Body & Soul’s mission to transform the impact of childhood adversity is to maximise the productivity of our members. We believe that everyone has…

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Funding the boring bits

Posted on: 14th November 2016

At Body & Soul we work hard to transform the impact of childhood adversity among our members, including those affected by HIV, suicidal behaviour or family disruption. Here Cristina Flores,…

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