Adolescence and the importance of connection

Posted on: 17th August 2017

Our latest quarterly report focused on our Teen Spirit programmes for young people who have been adopted and young people who are living with or affected by HIV.   On…

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Transforming the impact of childhood adversity

Posted on: 4th May 2017

Body & Soul has been working for over 20 years with families affected by HIV, but it has always been about more than a virus – our members are some…

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What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy?

Posted on: 12th April 2017

The Body & Soul model of care uses Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to help members regulate their emotions and focus on goal-orientated behaviours. Here Ida, who is responsible for the…

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HIV, breastfeeding and formula milk

Posted on: 3rd April 2017

Over a year ago a donation of formula milk originally bound for HIV positive mothers in the Middle East made its way to Body & Soul. We were struck by the…

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The links between HIV and suicide

Posted on: 8th March 2017

Body & Soul is about to launch its new programme supporting young people who have attempted suicide. There is a clear rationale behind the decision to expand our support services…

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Growing older with HIV

Posted on: 26th January 2017

On Monday night, Terrence Higgins Trust launched their report into the first generation growing older with HIV. The report, entitled Uncharted Territory, explores some of the complex issues that are…

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HIV and mental health

Posted on: 10th October 2016

Today is World Mental Health Day. Here Adrian, our head of adult services, talks about the relationship between HIV and mental health. _____________ Some people think HIV is now just…

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Nutrition and healthy living

Posted on: 2nd May 2012

When it comes to a healthy diet, it can be confusing for anyone to know what the right things are to eat to stay healthy. However, it can be simpler…

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Maintaining a healthy mind and body

Posted on: 26th April 2012

You may already have been told that physical exercise will help your mood, but it’s easy if you’re feeling down to dismiss this idea. I hope that this article can…

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Long-term conditions and Mental Health

Posted on: 28th February 2012

When you have the flu, you feel lousy. It isn’t just the blocked nose, constant shivers, headaches, or host of physiological symptoms; you feel lousy because you don’t emotionally feel…

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