Our Programmes

The therapeutic relationship with Body & Soul starts as soon as someone registers. It is underpinned by two very robust and well-understood clinical ideas:

Increasing connection – we know isolation heightens almost all individual difficulties, so we invite members into a supportive community of people who live with similar challenges …

… and a trauma-informed environment – our programmes offer a variety and choice, run from a building designed to be as calm and soothing as possible, full of staff and volunteers trained in the multiple complex effects of trauma and adversity, whose primary role is to understand each persons own unique experiences.

Once registered for one of our current programmes, members will have access to a full range of resources from our building from direct therapeutic interventions, either 1-to-1 or in small groups, including integrative psychotherapy, systemic family therapy, life-coaching, DBT, EMDR, arts/creative therapies and a range of complementary therapies; practical social work and advocacy (e.g. housing and benefit support); specialist legal advice and casework from a panel of pro bono solicitors (e.g. immigration appeals, employment); and a rich programme of workshops, talks and small discussion groups.

Our programmes are generally divided by age so there is the best opportunity to connect with members with similar concerns and challenges. Each programme is carefully designed and based on research, the knowledge and experience of the programme lead, expert advice and always in collaboration with members. Check out the current programmes:



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Remote Access

The Body & Soul community extends far beyond our centre in Clerkenwell.

Our remote support service – Beyond Boundaries – ensures that we can support members between visits to the centre. It also ensures that we can keep in touch with members who cannot make it to the centre in person, either because they have moved away from London or because they find it too difficult to make the journey for some other reason.

Beyond Boundaries is available to all members over the age of 13.

The Beyond Boundaries team consists of a mix of Body & Soul staff, volunteers and peer mentors, which offers those members registered in the programme a variety in terms of knowledge, experience, perspective and personality. When a member registers with the Beyond Boundaries programme, they are carefully matched with a peer mentor or volunteer who calls them on a regular basis (usually every fortnight). Our volunteers are trained to use a coaching style which offers members the opportunity to talk through a range of issues with someone who can actively listen and facilitate discussions that promote self-discovery. The service can also act as a gateway to other therapeutic interventions and/or practical support, e.g. via statutory services or local mental health organisations.