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Get on Transmission Radio

Whatever you're into - singing, rapping, spoken word, interviewing, or poetry - we want to hear from you. Upload your submission for Transmission Radio below and you could see your recording on the Transmission player very soon.

If your recording features other people or was made with the help of other people, you must get their consent before uploading the material to Transmission Radio.

If you want to include in your recording copyrighted material such as someone else’s music, video or writing, please make sure that the author or rights owner has given you licence or permission to do so.

Transmission Radio is available to members of the public coming to Body & Soul’s website. Only upload recordings that you would be happy for everyone to see. By uploading your recording, you are confirming that you consent to it being made public via Transmission Radio; that you have obtained prior authorisation from any other person appearing in your recording; that you give Body & Soul permission to use the material on its website; and that you have read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.